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About Us

The Idea

A quality brand of men’s boxer shorts supporting men’s cancer charities. Founded in 2013, bollox has a vision to provide men with more knowledge about their health as well as giving you a new fashionable look. We believe it is important you look good at every layer. bollox offers both style and sophistication, whilst maintaining durability and quality. Our boxer shorts not only give you the comfort you deserve but they also have the added bonus of supporting men’s cancer charities and helping to raise awareness.

So that was it – I loved the name and it fits so well with cancers that hits plenty of guys – Testicular, Prostate and Penile. The rest seemed quite a natural thing to do… it’s had to be a product that every guy would love to wear, and raised money for a cause that affects us guys. So with the help of my wife and family the bollox concept started…. from the sketchy drawings and messy scribbles, to where we are at the moment, the aim of the brand is to not only be recognised as a Charity raising brand but also be a ‘must have’ item, a product which you want to show off to your friends, family and strangers in the street.”

– Daren Elsley, Founder

The Products

We offer a range of Men’s underwear, leisurewear, pyjamas and accessories.

Since our initial launch in 2016 we now have 7 colourways with more styles and colours being launched in 2021. These boxers show a lot about you – you know style, you know a good brand, and you look after yourself. By buying a pair of these boxer shorts you are helping to raise money for men's cancer charities and awareness of men’s health.

We wanted comfort, style and a 'feel good factor' when you purchase a pair of bollox boxers, we continue to developed and grow the brand keeping these principals in every decision we make.

Our bx gymwear was released in early 2019. This high-quality active wear clothing brand encourages men to keep fit stay active and eat healthy as part of a balanced lifestyle and mindset. This also complements the ‘check yourself’ message our underwear provides, creating a synergy that offers a complete health and fitness package for men of all ages.