Collection: BX Activwear

Welcome to the bx brand.

High quality products -100% organic cotton - Sustainable production

99% of clothes aren’t recycled. Welcome to the 1% and the Circular Economy

We’ve teamed up with a great supplier to offer our customers a ‘circular’ supply chain!

Each item is made to order using 100% organic material, GOTS certified, at a local production unit which prides itself on operating an eco friendly business. When you’ve finished with the items you can send them back where they are made into new products.

A refreshingly new approach to clothing.

Most clothing production works on a linear model where products are made, used, then thrown into landfill, and this leaves us with problems. There is limited space on Earth, and filling it with over 2 billion tons of waste a year doesn't seem to us the best use of the space. Consider the cost of trash on a global scale - not just environmental, but material and financial, too.

This approach reduces landfill and helps the earth!

The linear economy.. Buy, Wear, Discard.
The circular economy.. Buy, Wear, Return, Re-use