Bangladesh Aid

We’re working with the boxer short manufacturer in Bangladesh to help support a poverty stricken town which is located at the southern part of Bangladesh called Bagerhat. Life is generally hard for these people but the Coronavirus has created additional hardship and serious poverty.

The activities cover...
1. Helping to supply groceries, once a week for 250 families.
2. Feeding 250 children nutritious food three times a week.
3. Other plans to help the helpless as funds allow.

The below gives you an idea of what a donation could help with. 100% of the donation is sent to this cause.

£1 = 2 kilo Rice + 2 kilo Potato
£2.50 = 4 kilo Rice + 3 Kilo potato
£5 = 6 Kilo Rice + 4 kilo Potato + 1 kilo red lentil/1 baby milk
£10 = 10 kilo Rice + 5 kilo potato + 3 kilo Lentil + 1 litter cooking oil + some cooking ingredients

Rice, Red lentil and potato are traditional food in Bangladesh.

A family with 4 members can survive a week with 10 kilo rice, 4 kilo potato, 1 kilo lentil, 1 litter cooking oil, vegetables + cooking ingredients (onion, chili pepper, curcumin, salt etc) with would cost about £9 -£10.

It's amazing how the pennies and pounds build up from our loyal customers,
and more amazing how those pennies and pounds can deliver so much support to those less fortunate than ourselves.